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Posted on November 4, 2009 at 1:55 PM


When we were kids, we used to play jokes on each other all the time. “Want some of my chips?” we’d ask innocently, holding out the bag for our friend to grab a few. Once s/he made a move though, we’d snatch the bag back and yell “Psych!”

Well, life has a few “psychs” of its own…

Finding the courage to follow the Lord’s instructions and quit my job was really difficult.  Before I did that I took a mental accounting of my finances, cause I Ain’t No Fool: that’s what anyone in their Right Mind would do, right? I estimated that I had over a thousand dollars in the bank and wouldn’t have a problem getting unemployment. Confidant that I had enough money to carry us for a while, I gave my two weeks notice.

On my way home that afternoon I ran into my old boss. One quick tour of her new facility later I had a dollar more per hour, and instead of driving across town, this job was right up the block from me. Glory to God On High, I couldn’t wait to get home and do my Happy Dance, giving God the praise He so richly deserved. After all, I felt like I had done Something Great. God had blessed me for walking off of one job like He told me to by giving me a better one, right?


Started on a Monday, ended on a Friday. What happened???


In the aftermath of Sissy’s car accident we continued to praise God nothing was seriously wrong with her. She still couldn’t move her left arm, and was suffering from blinding headaches that the medication couldn’t touch, but we chalked it up to the side effects of sliding across the concrete on her shoulder. The Wednesday after her accident Sissy had a follow up visit with her doctor. Within fifteen minutes she emerged from the exam room with a referral for physical therapy. Still not worried, we went to her intake appointment later that day, prepared to get a few little exercises and bounce.


During the exam we discovered that Sissy kept her arm straight across her chest as if it was in a sling because the entire arm kept tingling like it was falling asleep, and every few minutes she had to wiggle her fingers to “wake” her arm up again. There were also areas on her arm that had no sensation at all, ie: dead spots. “Get in touch with your doctor right away and let him know what I found,” the physical therapist stressed. “She’ll need to come three times a week for at least a month. You’re facing a long recovery process, but the good news is you’re young and healthy, so you should recover fully.”

By Friday I realized I didn’t have the energy to take my daughter to school, then to physical therapy, then back to school again, then drop her home only to have to do a second shift in the Infant room of all places. Now I was hired to be the Administrator, which is an office position, but:


Somehow I ended up stuck in the classroom. I showed my supervisor my daughter’s PT schedule and told her I needed to make some changes to my work hours. She sent me home and told me to call my boss over the weekend. Well, she never returned any of my phone calls. So suddenly… like Tommy…I ain’t got no job.

It’s Alright though, ‘cause I got Money In The Bank, right???

PSYCH Again!

I went to make a withdrawal only to find out I was $243 overdrawn. Angry and frustrated, I accepted a print out of my account activity and went home to find out

Where I Went Wrong. The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…I thought ruefully.


Although it was looking more and more like I had Made a Mistake leaving my old job, somehow I knew better. I asked God why this was happening to me. I always paid my tithes, faithfully. I mean: “Would a man rob God???” (Mal 3:8) YO: Not this one. I believed in His Promises, and He promised He would “rebuke the devourer” (Mal 3:11) if I did. Yet here I was with no job and no money; and the rent was due in three days. I barely had enough in my savings account to cover a few of those bounced checks and buy some food. The passage that kept coming to me though, was: “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Prov 16:9) If I trust in the Lord with all my heart, and I truly believe that everything God does is good, then I have to trust that there is something in this situation for me.

So if He put me here, What’s The Plan???

Guess I’ll have to Wait & See…


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