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This Ain't No Hearts and Flowers Love Story Pt 2


In the second half of the Obie and Princess saga, the Princess who returns to the mansion is far different, both physically and emotionally, than the Princess who left with Einstein the night before. Promoting her latest CD release gets temporarily lost in the scramble to pick up the scattered fragments of Princess' life, yet Obie finds her "Carry On As Usual" attitude a bit hard to take. Forced to separate by conflicting career demands, both Obie and Princess wonder how long they can make this relationship work. Then three deaths in a row rock them to their very core. The final tragedy pushes a still-fragile Princess over the edge, leaving Obie to wonder if, or how, they can ever make things right again. If he loves her enough, and wants it enough, can he save her? Or is God the only thing that can save Princess now? Publisher: Brooklyn Dreams Publishing Co Copyright: ? 2009 Brooklyn Darkchild Standard Copyright License Language: English Country: United States Keywords: depresion, mental illness, miscarriage, kidnap, stalking, Rape, urban, Street Drama, Drama, street, ghetto, love story, African-American, biracial, music industry, celebrity, stardom, R&B

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