The Real Brooklyn Darkchild

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We Still Ain't Got This Right


Superstars Obie and Princess have gone through it all: kidnapping, rape, even nervous breakdown. Obie gave Princess her start in R&B, now she's back on top with him at her side. Then her idol Aaliyah dies and her first love: Obie’s younger brother LaRocque, crashes his car, exposing his carefully hidden HIV status. The couple watches in horror as first the Industry then LaRocque’s friends abandon him. Princess suddenly longs to quit R&B, become a Gospel singer and have a baby yet Obie pushes her on. Meanwhile Obie’s at war not only with his wife but with his “twin” brother/business partner Hood over LaRocque’s illness. Deteriorating health leads LaRocque on a bleak, self-destructive path. Feelings Princess thought were “dead and stinking” come back to haunt her.

Did she pick the wrong brother? Is her love strong enough to keep LaRocque alive? And where does this leave Obie, who’s always been there for Princess?

Who can he turn to now that his wife is “otherwise occupied”?

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