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The Mpire: Death Cometh

Posted on January 10, 2009 at 11:19 PM

Mallory Towneson Haulm is back: bigger and badder than ever.
Okay, I sound like a commercial, but I?m Just Sayin though.
In Book One, Mallory faced two dilemmas: Join his family or remain on his own and
What to do about Matthew.
The family part was easy since Mallory signed some document which said if he didn?t become a part of Haulm Industries Company he would forfeit his own beloved Towneson Financial.
The Matthew part??? Oh man?where do I start? Completely unnatural to begin with, their relationship is complicated by so many outside factors. There?s Brielle, a female version of Matthew who?s convinced Mallory was fated to be her mate. There?s Stacy, the 19 year old virgin Mallory was forced to marry. Why? That?s another of those mysteries everyone seems to know except Mallory. And why can?t Mallory remember?
The most difficult obstacle to overcome however is Matthew himself. Matthew has always known Mallory?s true identity, yet Mallory doesn?t find out who Matthew really is until the end of book one, where Matthew?s fate is left up in the air.
Most of Book Two concentrates on Mallory?s relationship with his father and his family. It?s finally revealed why Malcolm hates Mallory so much, but even that is deeper than it appears to be. Is Mallory Malcolm?s son or isn?t he? And how much does Malcolm know about Mallory?s parentage?
There?s also an ugliness at the bottom of Malcolm?s abusive behavior. It culminates in an absolutely shocking revelation, and an even more hideous event, but the mystery of Mallory?s mental blocks is finally solved. In the meantime, Malcolm has refused to step down as Death, and the only way Mallory can take his rightful spot may be to kill his father. Despite the terror Mallory feels in Malcolm?s presence, there?s a part of Mallory that longs for a real father-and-son relationship with Malcolm. He?s determined not only to break Malcolm down and force him to step aside as the current Death, but also to force the man to love and accept him as one of his own. For the most part Malcolm is confused as to how Mallory could still love him at all after all the terrible things he?s done to Mallory. Mallory is also determined to break through the wall of disrespect and hurtful comments that stands between him and his oldest brother Marc. Meanwhile, Marc is on a quest to find and slay the Final. Since he wants Mallory (whom he views as weak and ineffective) dead anyway, will knowing Mallory is the Final make it easier for him?
Marc isn?t the only one sworn to kill the Final, though. Everyone thinks Matthew is dead, killed in a rage by Malcolm, but Matthew and Mallory know better. When Mallory?s wife Stacy turns up pregnant, Matthew and Mallory are the only two who know Mallory couldn?t possibly be the father. Appearing to have sired a child might temporarily hide Mallory?s identity as the Final from his family, but when Matthew demands his son back can Mallory sacrifice a child that means the world to him? And how can Mallory and Matthew fulfill their true destinies and meet in the ultimate battle if they can?t stop loving each other, even for a little while? Will Mallory be able to break it off or will he risk everything: his family, his fortune, the sanctity of HIC, even his life, for a forbidden few moments of pleasure?
Hat?s off again to author TL James and her incredible writing talent. A new publisher brings a much better edited manuscript to the fore, something the story that James has crafted truly deserves. In a more perfect world neither she nor I would have to use a nine- size font in order to make our work commercially viable. True readers would welcome the scope of our stories without Hators declaring, ?That?s a Big A$$ Book.?
After all: if kids around the globe will read a 700+ page Harry Potter book and Sistah Souljah can put out a 500+ page sophomore novel ten years after her debut, then why won?t readers accept a well written, witty book which delves into deep subject matter simply because it tops the 300 page mark?
In the words of that esteemed Negro philosopher Princess ?Baby Girl? Davis:
You figure.
Trinia, I?m eagerly anticipating Book Three.
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