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The Hood Life: A Bentley Manor Tale by Meesha Mink and De'Neesha Diamond

Posted on February 14, 2009 at 9:07 PM


Everybody knows there’s hella drama up in Bentley Manor. Them Hoodwives alone had enough drama to last until the twenty-second century. But the dudes…Oh my Lawd! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nobody does Hood tales better than Mink and Diamond. Hood tales are a Dime A Dozen these days, with trite storylines featuring Pimps and Ho’s practically jumping off the shelves begging to be bought. Unfortunately, most of the stories these days make me holla for my money back.

Even the ones I’ve won in contests.

But not the Bentley Manor series. Mink and Diamond take the same ole boring @$$ Hood standbys: the Pimp, the Playa, the Killa and the Drug Dealer and breathe new life into them through creative twists and turns. The pimp with the porno star wife? Yes, we Heard It All Before. The pimp has a daughter who drops in out of the sky? Been There, Done That. But the pimp with the transsexual best friend/lover???

Stop Playin!

And Tavon Wonders Why the wife is jealous. Like all pimps everywhere Tavon is blissfully unconcerned with his wife’s feelings. He’s got it under control. After all, like every good pimp Tavon keeps his ho’s in check, right? As the Black Philosopher Martin used to say: she can Get To Steppin. What Tavon doesn’t know is you can never really control another person’s emotions, and personally…I think Tavon got Way More than his Hand called for.

Demarcus, the Killa, went to jail not for the many murders he actually committed but for trying to kill his girl Zoey, yet she stood by him those ten long years he was in the pen. Now he’s found God in the form of Allah, but can’t find a job. How long will Zoey stand by Demarcus when the bills pile up and she can’t work because she’s pregnant? Does his faith hold him up or will the problems of life choke the fragile seeds of religion planted in prison? Circumstances show Demarcus just who he really is. Or is that just who he thinks he is? And does he get what he really deserves in the end???

Babies are raining out the sky all over the Hood, and Kaseem’s baby happens to be a boy. For this suburban boy from a Fine Middle Class Home, dealing drugs gets everything Kas has ever wanted, but was afraid to work for. The horrors of drug abuse hit too close to home when the woman Kas once loved offers to sell him their son for ten thousand dollars. And a “cookie.” (a portion of crack that resembles its name). When his baby’s-moms dies from the crack he gave her Kas wants out of the game. He shoulda Told Somebody though, cause Somebody wants Kas out the game too: enough to kill him. And Kas is a Peaceful Drug Dealer. Who does THAT??? Does he make it out alive? How about his girl, whom he loves? And why can’t that fool see who’s gunnin for him when I knew right away???

Finally there’s Rhakmon, the so-called Playa of the set. This had to be the weakest story of them all. If you ask me Rhak is bout as Low Budget a Playa as it gets. The Fat Chicks Rhak??? The toothless old woman??? That ain’t Playin, that’s Ho’in: Crack Ho’in. You supposedta get more than a Burger & Fries with all that d!ck you throwin around. And how he talked that simple chick into…I ain’t gon’ spoil it for you, but she Made Me Mad. Anyway, trust that Rhak gets what he deserves too.

In more ways than one.

Is there a happy ending in the Hood Life? I ain’t gon’ tell you that either. I will tell you that the end of this book made me tremble for the future of the franchise.

And left me Wanting More…




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Reply Paplenili
8:23 PM on February 6, 2010 
Stunning, really awesome subject. I will write about it also.
Reply phyllis
7:30 PM on January 29, 2010 
Where is part II of the hood life? You need to keep these stories coming. I like all of the men of Bentley Manor. Keep them coming. Please........

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