The Real Brooklyn Darkchild

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Love & Hip Hop Fans??? This One's For YOU!

Which is worse: to love your mother fiercely only to lose her or to never have had a mother at all? Obie and Princess never debated this issue. They were equally motherless; it's what forever binds them. Obie is a former street child and junkie's son; Princess was raised on luxurious Park Avenue. When she's three, Obie is Princess' babysitter; in her teens he's her best friend and confidant. At eighteen Princess dreams of becoming an R&B diva and Obie, whose "Rags-to-Riches" transformation into a music video superstar/director captured America's attention, knows just how to make that dream come true. 

Along the path to stardom Obie and Princess inevitably fall head-over-heels in love yet Princess will never be satisfied being one of Obie's groupies.Their social class differences, skin color complexes, and a stalking ex-boyfriend all strain the budding relationship until, on the closing night of her second tour, the ex shows up uninvited and unwanted. But when Obie's abandon-ment issues crash head first into Princess's need for emotional distance the fireworks really begin. Then the question becomes:
Can a motherless child ever truly open his or her heart enough to love someone else?  

The Drama--and the Madness--Continue

In this second part of the Obie and Princess saga, the Princess who returns to the mansion is far different, both physically and emotionally, then the Princess who left with Einstein the night before. Promoting her latest CD release gets temporarily lost in the scramble to pick up the shattered pieces of her life, yet Obie finds Princess's "Carry On As Usual" attitude a bit hard to take.

Forced to separate by conflicting career demands, their skin color conflicts and social class issues ignite, then blow up in their faces. While Obie and Princess ponder how long they can make their relationship work, three deaths in a row rock their very foundation. The final tragedy pushes a still fragile Princess over the edge, and Obie wonders if things will ever be right again.

Can he save Princess?

Is there anything that can save her?

More Love, More Hip Hop Even More Craziness

Inseparable since childhood, Obie One and Princess have been through it all: from kidnapping and rape to nervous breakdown. Obie even gave Princess her start in Show Business. Now Princess is back on top of the R&B charts, with Obie firmly at her side. Although her life is more chaotic than ever, that's what Princess wants; at least until her own idol Aaliyah dies. Then her first love (and Obie's younger brother) LaRocque crashes his car, and his carefully hidden HIV status becomes public knowledge. 

Obie and Princess watch in horror as first "The Industry," then LaRocque's friends, abandon him. Suddenly Princess questions everything she once held dear. She longs to quit R&B, become a Gospel singer, even have a baby, yet Obie relentlessly reminds Princess of the "commitments" of their careers. Meanwhile Obie's at war not only with his wife but also with his "twin" brother/business partner Hood over LaRocque's illness.  Deteriorating health leads LaRocque on a bleak, self-destructive path, bringing feelings Princess thought were "dead and stinking" back to haunt her. Did Princess pick the wrong brother? Is her love strong enough to keep LaRocque alive? And where does this leave the man who's always been there for Princess? Who can Obie turn to now that his wife is "otherwise occupied"?

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